Elite protection family dog for sale

What is an Elite Protection Dog ??

With many political, economic and social unfortunate events in today’s word, personal protection is compulsory. During this time where violent crimes as home trespassing, kidnapping and car high jacking has become our everyday news, the concept of personal protection has shifted from a temporary luxury service to one that is a needed permanent lifestyle.

While personal protect can be offered today in various forms such as installing security systems or simply owning a handgun, it remains difficult to trust a method that guarantees full delivery under all circumstances. PAC offers a personal protection dog service that assures the rare combination of ‘man’s best friend’ as well as your protector to secure you, your loved ones as well as your business properties.

Owning a PAC Elite Protection Dog guarantees you a companion, friend an additional loyal family employee and member, one that has been trained to act accordingly under certain measures. Our typical Elite Protection Dogs are those of which will become your new best-friend, one that will ‘fetch’ and ‘play-dead’ while simultaneously sleeping with ‘one eye open’ with full consciousness to ensure your safety first. PAC Elite Protection Dogs have been carefully selected under a certain criteria to provide the highest quality of service while accommodating to your environment. PAC Elite Protection Dogs are trained to be child-proof by demonstrating warmth and friendliness to all family members of all ages. Pac personal protection dog’s firm obedience has made them accustomed to peacefully lie by your side, and by one single command, jump to any threat that may be of risk. Under such times of worry, PAC Elite Protection Dogs are trained to react sharply with a protective temperament that will surely not disappoint.

Your PAC Elite Protection Dog will protect you, your loved ones and as well as personal properties or business with a determination that no other method can equally provide.

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