• Pet Taxi

    We provide dog's transportation through a PAC's mini-van. 

    Mohandseen, Al Haram, Maadi, Zamalek, Downtown, Heliopolis, New Cairo (5th Settlement)  - 200 EGP

    New Cairo (1st Settlement), 6th of October City, Sheikh Zayed, El Sherouk, El Rehab - 250 EGP

    Outside of Cairo - 800 EGP (round-trip)

  • Special Grooming Service
    Our dogs receives a daily cleaning service by specialists. Your dog receives all the necessary cleaning, such as bathing and manicure, on a regular basis. They look nice and have a nice smell, which also gives us an opportunity to evaluate their health.
    This service includes:
    1 - Nail cutting - 60 EGP
    2 - Teeth cleaning- 300 EGP
    3. Ear cleaning - 50 EGP
    4 - Gland secretions - 60 EGP
    5 - Bath (shampoo - conditioner) + combing - 150 EGP
    7 - eliminate insect bugs and burs - chemical bathing - 120 EGP
    8- Full grooming session (EXCLUDING chemical bath + teeth cleaning) - 450 EGP 

  • Breeding

    At PAC we run a professional breeding programs for


    Golden Retrivers

    German Shepherds


    Beligian Minois

    Dutch Shepherds


    American Pitbulls

    Dogo Argentinos

    We breed all our dogs in strict accordance to each breed’s breed standard and we pay considerable attention to temperament, producing conformation dogs with excellent working ability.

    Check our dogs for sale section for available dogs and upcoming litters

    Most of our breeding stock is pedigreed and of champion origins

    At PAC we breed in compliance with a code of ethics. This means that all our dogs enjoy the best of health and the litters they produce are of the highest standards:

    We do not breed females before their second season

    We do not breed our females more than once a year

    We do not breed our females after their 8th birthday

    We do not wean the puppies before they are 8 weeks

    We pay extreme attention to socializing our puppies well with other dogs and people

    When you buy a PAC pup or working dog we will follow through with an exceptional after-sale service, helping you with every step you take with your new family member. You will also enjoy a range of benefits such as:

    10% discount on boarding services

    10% discount on training services

    10% discount if a friend of yours buys a PAC pup or working dog   Free advice and tips

  • Doggy Daycare

    A tool made for dog owners seeking a friendly environment that allows them to meet dogs and owners of the same mindset

    Doggy daycare is a membership that allows the use of our kennels premises during our working hours, it also allows the dog and his owner to enjoy our Friday BBQ and our comfortable open air shaded lounge and café in the terrace


    Annual membership     2500 L.E

    6 Months membership 1800 L.E

    3 Months membership 1100 L.E

    These rates per Couple.

    Each couple can bring an extra couple for free afterwards each:

    Extra guest                  20 L.E

    Extra Dog                    20 L.E

    Daily Prices:

    1 Couple + 1 dog        60 L.E

  • Boarding
    Every dog boarded at Pac Kennel has the option to receive an individual kennel or can be boarded with other friends. The inside kennels are connected to outside grassy high fenced runs allowing freedom of access from early morning to late evening for supervised exercise and play time. The kennels are cooled in the summer and warmed in the winter. Kennels are cleaned 3 times every day to ensure that your dog stays comfortable. You can also find indoor and outdoor areas where the dogs can play; each dog receives a minimum of 2 individual walks per day Accommodation Each dog has the option to board in their own room (3×3 meters). PAC kennel Royal suites were initially horse stalls of which have been transformed to accommodate your dog, allowing for maximum comfort and luxury for your dog Royal Suites contain the following facilities:
    • Window
    • Comfortable bedding
    • Automated water bowls
    • Fan for cooling during summer
    • Bug electrifier
    • An optional blanket/cushion
    If your dogs are well socialized we strongly recommend that you board your dogs with others to give them company while you are away and to give them comfort during the transition phase. Rates: Royal Suites .......... 100.00 EGP per day Suites(king Size)..... 90.00 EGGP per day Normal Room.......... 80.00 EGP per day  
  • Dogs and Puppies for Sale
    Rottweilers Puppies New Super Pitbull Litter
  • Training
    1. Basic obedience (on leash).
    2. Advanced obedience
    3. Agility Training
    4. K9 Protection Training
    5. Behavior Modification
    6. Doggy Day school
    7. Pre Training School
    Please Scroll down for more information and Prices
    Training programs are designed to get the most out of your dog’s potential with our positive and effective training methods. We train through consistency, trust, communication, repetition, timing and respect. Our trainers have all worked with all types of hard to define behaviors with success through positive and effective management training tool

    We provide a variety of training packages (please read the list below) and pick one that best fits your life style

    All training is not guaranteed and progress depends on the temperament of the dog. Some dogs may learn slower than others and we will work at their speed without any unnecessary pressure put on the dog.

    Basic obedience (on leash)

    Basic obedience is intended to teach the owner and dog the basic commands necessary to give complete control of your k9 friend. Basic obedience instruction also helps in the correction of bad habits such as jumping and nipping as well as the prevention of new behavioral problems. This basic obedience consists of the following commands:
    • Sit
    • Down
    • Shake
    • Stay
    • Release
    • Come
    • Heel
    • Fetch/Release
    Duration: 2 weeks

    Price: 1500 L.E