Every dog boarded at Pac Kennel has the option to receive an individual kennel or can be boarded with other friends. The inside kennels are connected to outside grassy high fenced runs allowing freedom of access from early morning to late evening for supervised exercise and play time. The kennels are cooled in the summer and warmed in the winter. Kennels are cleaned 3 times every day to ensure that your dog stays comfortable. You can also find indoor and outdoor areas where the dogs can play; each dog receives a minimum of 2 individual walks per day


Each dog has the option to board in their own room (3×3 meters). PAC kennel Royal suites were initially horse stalls of which have been transformed to accommodate your dog, allowing for maximum comfort and luxury for your dog

Royal Suites contain the following facilities:

  • Window
  • Comfortable bedding
  • Automated water bowls
  • Fan for cooling during summer
  • Bug electrifier
  • An optional blanket/cushion

If your dogs are well socialized we strongly recommend that you board your dogs with others to give them company while you are away and to give them comfort during the transition phase.


Royal Suites ………. 100.00 EGP per day

Suites(king Size)….. 90.00 EGGP per day

Normal Room………. 80.00 EGP per day