At PAC we run a professional breeding programs for


Golden Retrivers

German Shepherds


Beligian Minois

Dutch Shepherds


American Pitbulls

Dogo Argentinos

We breed all our dogs in strict accordance to each breed’s breed standard and we pay considerable attention to temperament, producing conformation dogs with excellent working ability.

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Most of our breeding stock is pedigreed and of champion origins

At PAC we breed in compliance with a code of ethics. This means that all our dogs enjoy the best of health and the litters they produce are of the highest standards:

We do not breed females before their second season

We do not breed our females more than once a year

We do not breed our females after their 8th birthday

We do not wean the puppies before they are 8 weeks

We pay extreme attention to socializing our puppies well with other dogs and people

When you buy a PAC pup or working dog we will follow through with an exceptional after-sale service, helping you with every step you take with your new family member. You will also enjoy a range of benefits such as:

10% discount on boarding services

10% discount on training services

10% discount if a friend of yours buys a PAC pup or working dog   Free advice and tips