1. Basic obedience (on leash).
  2. Advanced obedience
  3. Agility Training
  4. K9 Protection Training
  5. Behavior Modification
  6. Doggy Day school
  7. Pre Training School
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Training programs are designed to get the most out of your dog’s potential with our positive and effective training methods. We train through consistency, trust, communication, repetition, timing and respect. Our trainers have all worked with all types of hard to define behaviors with success through positive and effective management training tool

We provide a variety of training packages (please read the list below) and pick one that best fits your life style

All training is not guaranteed and progress depends on the temperament of the dog. Some dogs may learn slower than others and we will work at their speed without any unnecessary pressure put on the dog.

Basic obedience (on leash)

Basic obedience is intended to teach the owner and dog the basic commands necessary to give complete control of your k9 friend. Basic obedience instruction also helps in the correction of bad habits such as jumping and nipping as well as the prevention of new behavioral problems. This basic obedience consists of the following commands:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Shake
  • Stay
  • Release
  • Come
  • Heel
  • Fetch/Release

Duration: 2 weeks

Price: 1500 L.E