• Armed Security Guards
    With a vast selection of weapons at our disposal, security dogs and more, we are able to provide real and effective security Our security guards go through an extensive and never-ending training regime, they are thoroughly vetted (background checks, criminal record checks) and must pass a challenging fundamental test/training period (Replica fire arms (semi/automatic pistols + submachine guns
    • Extendible baton
    • Electric Baton
    • Pepper spray
  • Bomb Detection
    Bomb Detection for Touristic sites, Hotels and Embassies.

    Securing Car Parks

    Teams consisting of K9s (sniffer dogs) and handlers control entry to car parks by searching all vehicles entering the hotel/embassy/touristic sites for explosive substances as well as conducting quotidian periodical sweeps of car park area.

    Bomb threats and Area Sweeps

    In the unfortunate event of a bomb threat/scare, sniffer dogs can be deployed to confirm or negate the presence of any explosive device or materials. This is done by performing area sweeps using trained sniffer dogs. Area sweeps can be conducted upon request. At PAC we pride ourselves as providers of one of the best bomb detection services in the Middle East. Our meticulous training programs engender sniffer dogs of the finest caliber. Our bomb detection dogs are trained to detect the full range of explosive materials required by European police agencies; a total of 37 different explosive substances and fire arms, including the most recent substances used by various terrorist organizations around the world, such as; Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate (PETN) The compound was discovered in the bombs used by the 2001 Shoe Bomber, in the 2009 Christmas Day bomb plot, and in the 2010 cargo plane bomb plot Hexamethylene Triperoxide Diamine (HMTD) Ahmed Ressam, the al-Qaeda Millennium Bomber, used HMTD as one of the components in the explosives that he prepared to bomb Los Angeles International Airport on New Year’s Eve 1999/2000; the explosives could have produced a blast 40x greater than that of a devastating car bomb. It has been used in a large number of suicide bombings throughout the world, and was possibly used in the 7 July 2005 London bombings. The New York Times reported it as the planned explosive in the 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot. Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine (RDX) was the main component used for the 2006 Mumbai train bombings. It was also believed to be the explosive in the 2010 Moscow Metro bombings For the full range of detectable explosives Dogs Detection Vs Mechanical or Technological Detection X-Ray Machines X-ray machines have obvious limitations when it comes to detecting liquid, powder or plastic based explosive substances. Hand-held Explosive Detectors Other than the very high cost of such devices, other problems may arise such as malfunction, repair, spare parts and so on. Furthermore, there have been numerous cases of faulty or unreliable devices, for more please click on this report from Al Jazeera News.

    Dogs Explosive Detection

    Dogs are capable of detecting explosive vapors at concentrations lower than those measurable by the best chemical sensors. Dogs are proven to work exceptionally well in many scenarios and under many environmental conditions. The olfactory sence of dogs is higher than the best currently available mechanical detection methods. A study conducted by the Department of Chemistry and International Forensic Research Institute, Florida International University and the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University, Auburn, USA concluded that: “Overall, detector dogs still represent the fastest, most versatile, reliable real-time explosive detection device available. Instrumental methods, while they continue to improve, generally suffer from a lack of efficient sampling systems, selectivity problems in the presence of interfering odor chemicals and limited mobility/tracking ability.” “The technique of dog detection will continue to play an important role in explosive detection. While technological systems will improve, it is unlikely that anything will develop in the next five years that maches the quickness and accuracy of a dog in going to the source of the vapour.” - Survey of Commercially Available Explosives Detection Technologies and Equipment written for The National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center, a Program of the National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice.

    Mechanical detection methods are no match to the highly developed olfactory senses of dogs.

  • Drug Detection
    PAC drug detection dogs are trained to detect minute quantities of the full range of narcotics Opiates Cocaine Amphetamines Marijuana/hashish

    PAC drug detection services are used by

    • Universities/schools
    • Searching dormitories
    • Searching car parks
    • Customs Control
    PAC can work with customs authorities in the area of drug detection. Contracts can be ongoing, seasonable or task specific. This service can be offered across the Middle East and North Africa. Airports – local/international Land and sea ports and sea faring vessels Warehouses and storage facilities Most cities are over whelmed with illegal narcotics and our children are at constant risk of being victims of drugs use either by seduction or simply increasing per pressure. PAC offers a discrete service that can help parents evaluate their suspicions thus being one step closer to solving the problem. PAC drug detection dogs can be used to assess the presence of narcotics in any location (within the household, buried or hidden in the garden, in cars, on clothes and in bags)
  • K9 Teams
    Why choose K9 Personal Protection?
    Due to increased frequency of power shortages, even in high-class residence areas of Egypt, installing an ordinary alarm or surveillance system that is also subject to intentional sabotage will not suffice to ensure the security of your property or yourself. With a professional K9 handler, a security dog trained in personal and property protection easily overcomes the limitations of alarms and/or other electrical surveillance setups.

    How Does the Service Work?

    Depending on your needs, PAC can provide you with any number of K9 teams. Each one is composed of a fully trained personal protection dog as well as a highly trained and professional K9 handler (K9 security officer) who together forming an indestructible ingredient to security team. We guarantee you the following premium quality services:
    • 12 or 24 hour protection (day and/or night shifts)
    • We handle transportation and logistics
    • Professional dog handlers (security personnel) fully trained in :
      1. Effective K9 security
      2. Professional client service skills
      3. First aid
      4. Hand to hand combat
      5. Fire arms
    • Fully trained and highly effective protection dogs
    • Full gate and perimeter security
    • (Periodic/constant patrols of premises (interior/exterior
    • Property searches (interior/exterior)
    A multitude of studies and surveys involving convicts have revealed that the most effective home security measure is a professionally trained security dog. When asked why, typical reasons stated were:

    Dogs hearing abilities pick up suspicious sounds earlier than alarm systems

    Dogs barking alerts residents and neighbors too quickly

    Criminals are scared about being attacked by a dog

    Disarming a dog is more risky than disabling an alarm system or a security officer

    a trained protection dog is less likely to fear for its safety than its human counterpart

    Most of these criminals admitted to completely dismissing a property as a potential target if there was any sign that trained dog protection was present. They simply moved on to a more accessible, less life-threatening target.
  • Mobile Patrol Units
    Patrol Units are ideal for surveilling large areas such as large residential compounds or industrial areas. The role of each mobile unit is to immediate feedback on any illegitimate activity. Each patrol unit can be equipped with a variety of options
    4×4 vehicles Armed security guards (replica firearms – pistols/submachine guns) Armed Security Guards (electric batons/extendable batons/pepper spray) K9 unit (security dog + handler) Long range walkie talkie First aid medic First aid kit The patrol unit can also act as an ambulance in case of medical emergencies The Role of the Mobile Patrol Unit is to:
    • Provide rapid response to possible criminal activity
    • Provide first aid medical assistance in case of emergencies
    • Provide back up to on duty security officers
    • Engage with and apprehend suspects and turn them over to the local authorities
    • Search for hiding suspects using the accompanying trained security dog
    • Provide armed response in the event of there being armed criminals
    • Make their presence felt while on duty to serve as a deterrent to potential criminals