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Our reputable customer, AUC New Cairo campus; has selected PAC Security among the rest of the security service companies in Egypt.

PAC's Services

PAC Security has a special training center for preparing individuals and dogs for various security services; which is a strength that helped us in dealing with all current security conditions happening in Egypt.

We provide security solutions in several security disciplines but not limited to the following:

Our Services

Explosives Detection Team

PAC Security offers highly trained detection dogs and dog handler teams. PAC detection teams are ready to conduct searches for a variety of explosive materials in and around vital places. Our teams are professional and trained on international detection standards.

Consultancy Services

Our Security Consultancy Services and strategic advisory services provide you with all needed assessments, procedures, know-how and advice to help organizations enhance their security, reduce its risks and improve their operational efficiency.

VIP Protection

This service is specifically targeting and is directed to protect celebrities, public figures and corporate executives. We provide the suitable security plan, depending on the danger affecting and concerning the person requiring protection.

Residential Compounds Security Services

We develop comprehensive safety and security plans with our vast local knowledge that is composed of advanced and guaranteed strategies designed to protect your assets. In this service, we are ready for two scenarios. Either providing our own security plan and strategy or providing canines following the clients' security plan.

Guarding Services

We provide our clients with protection dogs trained on securing premises and assets, as well as, dealing with strangers.

Politician and Diplomatic Security

This exceptional service, also known as, “close personal protection”, is mainly focused on ensuring the safety of important people and public figures such as; politicians and ambassadors. We provide the suitable security plan, depending on the dangers affecting and concerning the person requiring protection.


We are specialized in handling the security of important events and conferences by providing a detailed situational analysis and contingency plans to make sure all possible scenarios are under control.

Security Guards Training Courses

We offer basic security programs or tailor-made one for our clients to train security guards on advanced and guaranteed strategies for protecting premises, public figures, as well as, documents and information. Our trainings are interactive and the curriculum is designed based on international security managements.