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Drug Detection

PAC drug detection dogs are trained to detect minute quantities of the full range of narcotics





PAC drug detection services are used by

  • Universities/schools
  • Searching dormitories
  • Searching car parks
  • Customs Control

PAC can work with customs authorities in the area of drug detection. Contracts can be ongoing, seasonable or task specific. This service can be offered across the Middle East and North Africa.

Airports – local/international

Land and sea ports and sea faring vessels

Warehouses and storage facilities

Most cities are over whelmed with illegal narcotics and our children are at constant risk of being victims of drugs use either by seduction or simply increasing per pressure.

PAC offers a discrete service that can help parents evaluate their suspicions thus being one step closer to solving the problem.

PAC drug detection dogs can be used to assess the presence of narcotics in any location (within the household, buried or hidden in the garden, in cars, on clothes and in bags)