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K9 Teams

Why choose K9 Personal Protection?

Due to increased frequency of power shortages, even in high-class residence areas of Egypt, installing an ordinary alarm or surveillance system that is also subject to intentional sabotage will not suffice to ensure the security of your property or yourself.

With a professional K9 handler, a security dog trained in personal and property protection easily overcomes the limitations of alarms and/or other electrical surveillance setups.

How Does the Service Work?

Depending on your needs, PAC can provide you with any number of K9 teams. Each one is composed of a fully trained personal protection dog as well as a highly trained and professional K9 handler (K9 security officer) who together forming an indestructible ingredient to security team.

We guarantee you the following premium quality services:

  • 12 or 24 hour protection (day and/or night shifts)
  • We handle transportation and logistics
  • Professional dog handlers (security personnel) fully trained in :
    1. Effective K9 security
    2. Professional client service skills
    3. First aid
    4. Hand to hand combat
    5. Fire arms
  • Fully trained and highly effective protection dogs
  • Full gate and perimeter security
  • (Periodic/constant patrols of premises (interior/exterior
  • Property searches (interior/exterior)

A multitude of studies and surveys involving convicts have revealed that the most effective home security measure is a professionally trained security dog.

When asked why, typical reasons stated were:

Dogs hearing abilities pick up suspicious sounds earlier than alarm systems

Dogs barking alerts residents and neighbors too quickly

Criminals are scared about being attacked by a dog

Disarming a dog is more risky than disabling an alarm system or a security officer

a trained protection dog is less likely to fear for its safety than its human counterpart

Most of these criminals admitted to completely dismissing a property as a potential target if there was any sign that trained dog protection was present. They simply moved on to a more accessible, less life-threatening target.