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Mobile Patrol Units

Patrol Units are ideal for surveilling large areas such as large residential compounds or industrial areas. The role of each mobile unit is to immediate feedback on any illegitimate activity. Each patrol unit can be equipped with a variety of options

4×4 vehicles
Armed security guards (replica firearms – pistols/submachine guns)
Armed Security Guards (electric batons/extendable batons/pepper spray)
K9 unit (security dog + handler)
Long range walkie talkie
First aid medic
First aid kit
The patrol unit can also act as an ambulance in case of medical emergencies

The Role of the Mobile Patrol Unit is to:

  • Provide rapid response to possible criminal activity
  • Provide first aid medical assistance in case of emergencies
  • Provide back up to on duty security officers
  • Engage with and apprehend suspects and turn them over to the local authorities
  • Search for hiding suspects using the accompanying trained security dog
  • Provide armed response in the event of there being armed criminals
  • Make their presence felt while on duty to serve as a deterrent to potential criminals